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Lloyd Knecht IV
General Sales Mgr
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Number of employees: 30

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ANC HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING, Inc, is a contracting Company providing heating, air conditioning, hearth and fireplace sales and service to its’ customers throughout Greater Binghamton and Northeast Pennsylvania.

ANC was started by Mr. Jim Clubb in 1963, who was a previously employed by Power Engineering of Scranton. In 1988, the present owner, Mr. Lloyd Knecht III, purchased the company, he was previously employed by Carrier Corporation of Syracuse, New York, as a Sales Engineer for 10 years.

In 1998, ANC moved its headquarters to its present 30,000 sq. foot location at 122 Jennings Street, in Endicott, NY. This new building has allowed our company to grow and has provided the public with a nationally acclaimed 5,000 sq ft showroom.

​We have worked long and hard to develop our reputation as a high-quality, professional contracting Company with a commitment to professionalism and excellence in the delivery of our services.

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