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Jack Delara

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Delaware Plumbing
Professionals LLC

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Alternative company names: DPP

Number of employees: 10

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I started my plumbing career in 1994 as a drain cleaner for a large nationally owned company. In 1998, I moved on to a small locally owned and operated plumbing company. I continued to enhance my trade skills with that company for 16 years. I progressed from drain cleaner to a plumber where I attended a four year plumbing program, completed a 2 year journeymanship and passed the exam to obtain my master plumbing license. I was eventually promoted to manage all aspects of the plumbing department that covered Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.
During my tenure, I noticed many changes in operations as the company grew from a small close knit company into the largest residential plumbing, drain cleaning and HVAC company in the area. Although I enjoyed my time with the larger companies, I always felt deep down that as a company grows to a certain size, a part of the personal touch is missing with the client and the employees. In 2013, I decided to go into business on my own and bring back that personal touch to the trade that I am so passionate about. This is the basis of how Delaware Plumbing Professionals was founded.

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