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Kerry Garza

Garza Plumbing

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GARZA PLUMBING INC. is locally owned and operated by Kerry and Ammee Garza. Our company is dedicated to you, the customer.  We offer you our undivided attention with professional workmanship and our attention to detail.  We are motivated to provide you with excellent customer service and you can be confident that your plumbing needs will get the personal attention that they deserve.

Whether you have a small plumbing problem or a big plumbing problem, as a licensed plumbing contractor our company serves ALL of Sonoma County.  Kerry is a qualified professional, specializing in all plumbing issues.  Call us today at  (707) 849-4389 to set up an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE and FREE HOME INSPECTION at your convenience.  Tired of paying too much for plumbing?  We are affordable.  Tired of waiting on the plumber who never shows up on time or calls?  Kerry keeps all his appointments and he shows up on time, ready to take care of your plumbing as quickly and efficiently as possible.
When you contact GARZA PLUMBING INC. you receive, at the very least, these promises: