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Rosie MacDonald

Mac's Plumbing Heating and Air, Inc

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Number of employees: 18

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In 1995 there was a vision to provide exceptional craftsmanship in the custom home building. SD MacDonald Construction was formed with the goal to make peoples dream homes come true. We built beautiful homes, with custom designs for each family member. The best part was handing the keys over to the new homeowners and watching their faces light up seeing their dream come to fruition. 

In 2007-2008 demand for custom homes slowed with the economic downturn, but the homes we did build were starting to age, and our clients were calling us for maintenance services. We figured with our vast knowledge of how homes are built from the ground up, we could take our idea of exceptional craftsmanship and serve more clients. In 2009 Mac’s Plumbing Inc. was born. For 9 years we have provided plumbing services the greater Sacramento area. 

With the services our clients have asked us to provide, and the exceptional craftsmanship we started in 1995, the opportunity for us to give back to the community that supported us presented itself. In 2017 American Home Comfort Contractors was born with the idea of giving back.  

We now provide discounted preventative maintenance services to our local community that can save them thousands in emergency services. The cost to the homeowner? 5 cans of food! Why 5 cans of food? Because it allows American Home Comfort to provide services to our community while raising food for those who can’t afford the basic necessities of life. We see this as paying it forward to our clients by offering discounted services, and our clients get to pay it forward by their generous donations. We feel it’s great to live, work and serve in the community where we grew up.

Steven & Roseanna MacDonald

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