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ABOUT US Bryan Armstrong Bryan started plumbing work whenhe was 23 years old with I.T. Landes& Son, Inc., providing him with theopportunity to start from the bottomand work his way up. During his ten-year journey, Bryan learned greatwork ethics and how to presenthimself as a professional contractor.Starting as a helper, he worked hisway up to running commercial jobs.After eight years serving in thecommercial plumbing department,an opportunity presented itself to learnresidential work as well. After spending significant time in both the commercial and residential fields, Bryan acquired a diverse set of skills to tackle most anything. What drove him to start his own business was not the lack of opportunities at his past place of employment, but rather the uncertainties of where the company was heading. After the company was sold, several of the original family members moved onto their next chapter in life. “I’ll be forever grateful to the Landes family, many of them carried a certain spark that made them so successful. However, life goes on and after much thought and planning, we decided it was time to move forward with creating our own business.” Matt Adams Matt has been in the construction industry for over 10 years, specializing in plumbing for over seven years. At the beginning of his career, Matt spent his time as an apprentice under the guidance of some of the best foremen at I.T. Landes, & Son, Inc., which taught him extensively about the commercial plumbing world. Matt advanced to a foreman position after being with the company for four years and started running his own commercial jobs, such as industrial buildings and remodels/renovations at multiple retirement communities. Shortly after that, Matt teamed up with Bryan, founding M&B Plumbing, LLC; officially going out on their own. “I thought the time was right and haven’t looked back or regretted my decision once.” Gener8 Holdings Company, LLC Gener8 Holdings Company, LLC manages multiple companies across various industries. The Gener8 team specializes in the development of hardworking entrepreneurs and their businesses. Gener8’s President and Founder, Austin Landes, has an extensive background in M&B Plumbing, LLC • 29 Hunter Forge Road, Barto, PA 19504 • 215-264-7344construction, having grown up in his family’s plumbing and HVAC business, I.T. Landes & Son, Inc. His entrepreneurial spirit has helped launch various businesses and non-profits, while his passion to help others succeed has made them impactful and successful. He is a bold advocate of team-building and helping people utilize their gifting in both business and in serving others. Gener8 Holdings Company was founded in 2014. M&B CARES The M&B team not only cares about its customers, but also for the wellbeing of others, especially the less fortunate. Recently, M&B had the privilege of taking part in a presentation at Monmouth University in New Jersey where a tiny home was given to a homeless man.The event was a huge success for not just the recipient, but for college, it’s students and local TV and media outlets. The tiny home was a collaboration between many contractors in Bucks and Montgomery County, including J.A Wilwert Custom Carpentry, Histand’s Equipment, Ringo Trailer, Ferguson Enterprises and Berks Ridge Company Enterprises. M&B’s role in the project was instrumental and since the project launched, it has paved the way for conversations at higher levels to change the way policies are made at the local and state levels to better serve our homeless population. M&B Plumbing, LLC • 29 Hunter Forge Road, Barto, PA 19504 • 215-264-7344


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