David Oliver
CEO - Second Generation Owner
Born in
Springfield, Pennsylvania
Words of wisdom
Treat others as you want to be treated.

Oliver Heating & Cooling

in business
101 Waverly Ave, Morton, PA 19070, USA
Working days:
About Company
Number of employees: 230
Company history and description:

Unlike many other HVAC contractors, Oliver was conceptualized at a church prayer meeting. At the end of the Vietnam War, Joe Oliver was one of 10,000 employees downsized from Boeing Helicopter Division, where he worked as an engineer. With a Master’s degree in Engineering from Yale University, Joe was struggling to support his wife and six young sons, but after much prayer and help from his church, Joe and Beverly, his wife, opened the doors of Oliver Heating & Cooling in February, 1971.

Joe had no knowledge about HVAC contractors or the HVAC industry when he launched the company, but through perseverance, attending night classes and working 14-hour days, Oliver grew and flourished.

Soon after starting the business, Oliver’s first employee, Adam, was hired. This biblical coincidence, coupled with Joe’s strong beliefs, encouraged him that he had chosen the right path.

The success that Oliver has experienced since 1971 is deeply rooted in Joe’s strong faith, wisdom, and unique sense of integrity and honesty. To remain strongly rooted in higher principles, the white dove became a significant and a symbolic point of reference in the company logo.

In 1987, Oliver purchased its present location in Morton, Pennsylvania. Three of Joe’s sons work as HVAC contractors for the company: David works in Residential Sales, Bill, works as the assistant manager of the Fabrication Shop, and John, a teacher, works in the purchasing department during the summers.

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