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Rick Cubas
General Manager

Preferred Air Conditioning & Plumbing

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About Company

Alternative company names: Preferred Services

Number of employees: 18

Company history and description:

Preferred Services is a top-rated heating and cooling company serving the Coachella Valley for over 30 years. Our team of experienced technicians are on-call for your heating, ac, and plumbing needs. If you are in need of an upgraded Air Conditioning or Heating system or your current system needs a tune up, we can provide you with just the right solutions. Our pricing and information is always up front, so you can rest easy knowing you are getting competitive pricing from a trusted Coachella Valley company.Preferred Services focuses on the comfort of our clients. We know that a day without a working AC unit can mean more than just some sweat, it can put pets and family members in danger.Preferred Services offers 24-hour emergency services for just such an occasion. Don’t wait another minute in the desert heat, call us today so we can return your home to the oasis it should be.Preferred Services doesn’t stop at heating and cooling, our expert staff includes experienced plumbers for any plumbing problem at your home or business. You can trust our responsive and professional service. We will make sure you get the quality plumbing solutions you need at competitive prices. Preferred Services won’t let your home or business go underwater, call the name you can trust today.

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