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Francis Folnovic
Born in
Fox Creek, AB
Studied at
Red Deer, Sait
Words of wisdom
If you can't do it right, don't do it.
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Sinks And Stinks Plumbing Ltd

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Number of employees: 2

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Francis is a Red Seal Journeyman Plumber and a Journeyman Gas Fitter (class B), who is ready to be your local plumber!

Service, repair and preventative maintenance of residential plumbing. Renovations. Poly-b replacement. Sump pump installation.
Hot Water Heaters.
We offer service, replacement and installation of conventional, power direct-vented and tankless hot water heaters.
Gas fitting.
Francis is a Journeyman Gas Fitter (class B) who will get your residential gas fitting job done right.

Drain Cleaning. Camera Inspection.
Do you have a clogged sink, shower/tub or sewer line? We can get those unclogged for you! Camera inspection is available for troubleshooting plumbing and pipe problems.

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