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Solar 1 - Saint Louis Solar

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Solar 1 specializes in tankless water heaters. We have been selling, installing, and servicing tankless water heaters for over 17 years. Bill Loesch was introduced to tankless water heaters while in Germany (in '89, when the Wall came down). Bill reflected why the rest of the world did not use tankless, too. As it turns out, since the US subsidized energy, the cost of storing heated water 24 hours a day in less expensive tanks did not accurately reflect the real cost. In '89, gasoline prices in Berlin were four times what gas cost in the US. Since energy prices have increased over time (and can be expected to continue) energy efficiency has become more important. Germans were also using more fuel efficient (smaller) cars and front loading washing machines, to name only two other technologies. Solar in the 80's was almost exclusively solar thermal. Since here, in the greater Saint Louis area, we have extended periods of cloudy days in the winter, requiring a backup method of heating water. Tankless was a great adjunct for this purpose. Tankless water heaters sold today in the US come in two levels of performance: Condensing (ninety something percent) and non-condensing (eighty something percent) energy efficiency. While more efficient first appears as the better long term choice, please remember that that additional efficiency is obtained by recovering the exhaust gas heat in a secondary heat exchanger with additional controls, sensors and electronics. The non-condensing unit operates more simply on fewer sensors with fewer things to fail. Additionally, unlike your forced air furnace, which might run for long times, especially in the middle of winter. Most homes use hot water for only one or perhaps two hours a day. Maybe the less efficient heater is the more economical choice? Finally, the water heater in the Berlin condo was on the kitchen wall over the sink. Not only endless hot water but also instant hot water. Because the Berlin condo was constructed with the bath sharing a common wall with the kitchen, it took maybe two seconds for hot water in the shower. With a retrofit tankless you might want to consider moving the tankless to a spot below the kitchen or bath so at least one use is close by the source of hot water. If you are building new, perhaps a page out of the German playbook on how to efficiently locate plumbing fixtures may prove useful. Thanks for taking the time to educate yourself as to the choices you have when choosing a new source of hot water. Bill Loesch, owner and tankless evangelist


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