Victor Kernes
Operations Officer
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St. Paul, MN
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Santa Maria
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"Quality Isn't Cheap and Cheap Isn't Quality"
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Arizona Cardinals

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration INC

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2893 Industrial Pkwy, Santa Maria, CA 93455, USA
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Water Fixers Plumbers are EXPERTS at Repairing and Replacing Traditional Storage Tank Type Water Heaters and Tankless Water Heaters of any type and size, and fueled with either gas or propane, or electrical powered by either 120 or 240 Voltage. The Tank type Water Heaters we represent are manufactured in the USA by the only two (2) companies left in the USA producing residential Heaters. An advantage to replacing your Tank Type Heater with a Tankless Water Heater is that they are extremely compact and use an inline “Heat Exchanger” to heat the water instantly as it passes through the heat exchanger chamber. Bulky and space consuming tanks are no longer required to store hot water after it has been boiled. This greatly diminishes the amount of fuel energy required to heat the water versus conventional Tank Type Water Heaters. Water Fixers has the expertise and experience to repair or install a new traditional Tank Type Water Heater or make that transformation from the old school Tank type heater to the State of the Art and new generation Tankless style heater for a Green Energy saving investment!
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