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About Company

Alternative company names: WILLIAMS CIVIL, WILLIAMS PLUMBING

Number of employees: 300

Company history and description:

Choosing the right partner for your project can be an overwhelming and a difficult experience.
Williams is the Northwest’s largest plumbing and civil contractor. Founded in 1979, we offer a comprehensive line of quality plumbing,civil construction, HVAC, green energy, consulting, and service solutions to meet the needs of just about any building project. With offices in Bozeman, BigSky, Billings, Great Falls, Helena, and Williston, Williams has the horsepowerfor your project. We will provide you prompt, courteous service, and complete your projects on time, and our experienced team will meet or exceed your standards for quality.
Williams wants to make that process a lot easier.Williams unmatched safety culture and experience will put your mind at ease.We’re bonded and insured and will provide you with prompt, courteous service that is both on time and it will meet or exceed your standards of quality. We want to hear from you!
SafetyWilliams has built an unmatched safety culture. Williams’incident rate is 60% lower that industry average and we are committed to constantly improving our accident prevention program. Field employees are continuously trained by our Safety Division in the most current OSHA standards,safe work practices, and CPR/First Aid.
BondedTrusted by our Surety on single projects up to $65 million.
InsuredOur company is insured up to $10 million each occurrence to provide our customers peace-of-mind.
ExperienceWilliams has over $500 million worth of plumbing and civil construction experience. Williams is accustomed to working in high-end residential homes, hospitals, commercial complexes, and industrial settings.
Horsepower Employing over 300 individuals, Williams has the horse power to finish your project on time.